Pitter's Hall of Fame

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THE BEST PITTERS EVER!!! From 2005-2012
(This is in terms of if they  were to 1v1 with each other)

Top Best Pitters Based on Order

Hannou (2006)

Shootunit (2009)

SERvD(lil,.,gangsta) (2010)

untilmorning (2011)

oreoz(,pr1nce.) (2010)

.zx. (2005)

scarface,pwnz,u (2006)

stickmantajay (2011)

Exitdude (2008)

.,.hollister.,. (2010)

dry.cookie (2008)




Corpse.fire (2007)

,,13R0K3N.130N3S,, (2007)

gangsterme (2011)



.,.famous.,. (2006)

,.,quiet,.,one,., (2007) 

ticelli (2012)



*My name is Noobsmasher and I'm an oldgen from 2005. I go on my alts occasionally to test out the pitters and these are the best pitters in all of Stick Arena :D 

To everyone praising Deathpre, Deathpre is higly overrated. He is not the best pitter nor the worst. He may be a darn powerful beast in ffa, but when it comes to 1v1, he'll probably succumb. Also, he does NOT alt. He gained the respect of many Stick Arena players for holding the rank of number 1 on the leaderboard. Alting is when you make YOUR OWN multiple accounts and use them to get kills. I never respect alters because they are no-life faggots. Fuck alters. Here are some screens given to me:

Hannou: http://oi45.tinypic.com/2002hd.jpg

Shootunit: http://i47.tinypic.com/w6un9t.png

Socom16: http://i49.tinypic.com/2mpbl34.png